For the contract section, a few examples of decorative and artisan luxury lighting designed by Pataviumart.

Pataviumart signs luxury hotels, offices of great banks, prestigious showrooms, gourmet restaurants, exclusive spas, important professional studios in 50 countries around the world with its decorative and artistic luxury lighting. Designer, artisan creations that are 100% Made In Italy. Here are a few examples of our creations in the contract sector.

Hotel Balzac in Paris, France.

In the heart of the poetic, dreamy, Bohemian borough of Paris, near the avenue des Champs Elysées, Pataviumart has created for a prestigious luxury hotel chandeliers and artistic, handmade unique lamps in tune with the fairy-tale atmosphere of the city, capital of romanticism.

Murano glass handmade flowers, lampshades in precious materials decorated with Swarowski crystals, silver embroideries on precious silk and hand-crafted crystals of the highest quality decorate the internal part of the hotel, giving life and light to it.

Chandeliers in Murano glass with hanging pendants, impalpable  reverberating light in a play of transparency; crystal almonds in the unusual table lamps in the suffused colors of the lampshades chiffons.
Hand made lampshades like haute couture gowns; the search for refined materials and passion for details.

A knowledgeable mixture of colours make the luxury lighting of Pataviumart the protagonist of a fairy-tale scene, an oasis of calm immerged in the tumult of Parisian life.

San Clemente Resort, Venice, Italy.

On a private exclusive island, the San Clemente hotel & resort welcomes guests in a dream-like atmosphere as in a fairy tale, an environment in which every detail is minutely studied.

In a scene where sumptuousness and luxury merge together, Pataviumart installed a classical Rezzonico Murano glass chandelier. Entirely handmade structures, that majestically rise in space, solemn in their immobility, almost sculptured into the air.

Crystal reflections, glass and light unite, mix, merge, giving light and life to magnificent master works of art.

Mastery also to be seen in the lamps forged in brass completely by hand, little works of art representing the animal and natural world in its most elegant form. Others evoke an aura of nobility, enriched by handmade crystals, an expression of timeless beauty.

A mixture of materials and styles, a testimony to a company renowned around the world for its vast choice of exclusive and fully customizable lighting tools.

Hotel in San Cassiano, Bolzano, Italy.

In a rustic setting in the heart of the Dolomites, where the combination of wood and ivory colours warms the atmosphere, Pataviumart inserted entirely modern elements of design lighting, such as handmade ground crystals illuminated by LED, or that in an amber colour enriched with semi-precious stones that are referred to as tiger eyes.

Moreover, on the lamps jade flowers bloom like the first buds of spring, Murano glass blown in aniseed colour that hang in gold leaf structures, simple lampshades which merge into the environment, creating a strong atmosphere of design, but also relaxing and familiar.

An exclusive lighting which reverently looks towards the past as an inspiration but with no fear of changing, experimenting, researching; always in full respect of that which surrounds the person, in perfect fusion with different styles. Always with the goal of making you feel at home.

Lounge Bar, Milan, Italy.