Floor lamps
Floor lamps
Floor lamps

High end designer and classic floor lamps by Pataviumart: Italian, artisan, exclusive, also available in Murano glass.

High end designer and classic floor lamps -also made in Murano glass- by Pataviumart represent, in over 50 countries, the artisan made in Italy style with which to make your furnishings unique: home, studio or office. Contact us now for your customized project.

Floor lamps are important in decorating a room, with the purpose of completing the illumination of the environment.

They are decorative elements that can be placed as much in the rooms of a house as in a studio or in a office.

Able to link together elegant beauty and design to a functional decorative lighting, they are often used to customize a style of luxury furnishing.

Unlike appliques, sconces, or ceiling chandeliers, floor lamps do not require any support or special connection to electricity.
All is needed is a plug and socket, et voilà… This entails that the floor lamp can be moved around the house or office.

High end classic and artisan floor lamps, also available in Murano glass.

Classic floor lamps belong to a type of luxury lighting which never goes out of fashion.

If your furnishings are classic, then our handmade floor lamps of Pataviumart will enhance your home.

Precious materials are used to make the base, stand and lampshade, rich decorations and metals are then added… Making a classic floor lamp by Pataviumart a true Italian artwork.

If you want to recreate a more suggestive atmosphere with a touch of Baroque, then the floor lamp in Murano glass are for you..

Sumptuous Villas, luxury hotels, important bank offices, rich residences, glamorous restaurants… these are just a few examples of refined locations where Murano floor lamp, especially designed by Pataviumart, find its natural position.

In fact, since more than 60 years our luxury decorative lightings, wonderfully represented also by ours elegant floor lamps, are located in over 50 Countries in the world, helping privates and architects to make their projects unique!

Working herself with passion and professionalism on the development of lots of particularly prestigious projects, Simonetta Gomiero our designer, lighting consultant and owner , has designed and realized classic high end floor lamps for location with classic or even antique style, and also cool floor lamps for location with a more modern and contemporary concept.

Designer and modern floor lamps.

Designer floor lamps, made to measure by Pataviumart, are jewels of modern art.

According to your own preference, you can choose between “minimal” or more elaborate styles.

Our elegant floor lamps are artisan creations which capture the light and radiate it in your room in the form of a play of light and colors.

Thanks to a wise union between elegance and originality, our cool floor lamps can be used to adorn and illuminate a room becoming protagonists, or they can also be an accessory which foreseen the use of another source of light such as a refined suspended chandelier.

In this case, the elegant floor lamp can be installed near a sofa, to ease the reading of a relaxing book, or in a peculiar corner, or near a bookcase, to create a location and an atmosphere which are elegant and comfortable.

Summarizing, we can say that the designer floor lamps projected by Pataviumart are able to exalt the concept of furniture, make your home unique, exclusive and admired!

Floor lamps: the main categories.

Setting aside style and design, we can distinguish three main kinds of floor lamps:

  • Classic
  • Arched, or movable stem
  • Projector

Let us explain the differences more in detail.

Classic floor lamps.

Classic floor lamps are composed by a base, stem and lampshade; the latter in silk and decorated with several different ornaments, which make it a precious décor element, whether turned on or off.

The function is to create luminous corners and divide up space but when a floor lamp is made by Pataviumart, in our special craftsman way, they become an Italian work of art which can be used in villas or luxury hotels to create relaxing entertainment spaces and embellish your rooms.

Arch or folding stem floor lamps.

These floor lamps have an arch-shaped folding stem and are often used as reading lamps, creating a relaxing area for example in the living room.

Usually, the base of the floor lamp is placed underneath the sofa so that light shines onto the book you are reading directly from above or from the side.

Projector lamps.

They look like classic floor lamps but instead, the light is diffused onto the ceiling and not laterally.

It must be noted that if the colour is dark then the effect is not very appreciable, while if the colour is light, the light reflects and diffuses in the whole room.

It is important, however, to note that this undirect light can create a certain luminous decorative effect but from a practical point of view it is not optimal for reading.

For this reason, we suggest that, together with the projector floor lamp, another light source is used.

Whatever your idea of floor lamp, with which to make your space exclusive, contact us to arrange a phone or Skype call, or to plan a visit to our showroom in Villa Wollemborg (Loreggia, Veneto, Italy, between the cities of Padua and Venice) to meet in person, and touch with your own hands the world of luxury floor lamps by Pataviumart.

In the historical context of our Venetian villa, your visit will result in a doubly exciting experience, which will be particularly pleasing to remember and share with friends and love ones.

For all these reasons it is therefore important to highlight that buying a designer decorative lighting product, designed and made by Pataviumart doesn’t just mean only to purchase a precious exclusive furnishing object of great elegance and refinement, but also signifies owning an authentic handmade artwork, unique and certified, which will increase in value over time, synonymous of centuries of culture and artistic tradition that have no equals in all the world.

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