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What Are Cookies
As is common practice with almost all professional websites this site uses cookies, which are tiny files that are downloaded authomatically to your computer, to improve your experience. They contain basic information and thanks to the browser they are recognisable any time the user visit our website.
Here below you can find details on the cookies installed by this website and indication on how to manage your preference about them.

Cookies management

1-Technical cookies:

The following technical cookies do not require approval so they are installed automatically after entering our website:

  • Cookies necessary for the operation: they are necessary for the correct operation of the website and enable the user to have a functiong web surfing. As an example, they mantain the user connected while surfing and avoiding the website trequire to connect more then once to access all the pages.
  • Cookies to save your preferences: these cookies permit to memorize the preferences selected by the user during his navigation, for example, the language selected.
  • Statistical cookies and audience measurement : these cookies help to understand, by using anonynous data, as consumers interact with the website giving information about the visited pages, the time passed on the website, eventual malfunction.
    2 – Profiliation cookies
    Profiliation cookies are made to create a profile of the consumers and they are used to determine the preferences showed by them during the navigation. They determine the preferences expressed by the users during the navigation with the aim to be eventually able to contact intested person after his navigation to eventually deepen the argument of interest.

3 – Third party cookies

Our website may contaqin cookies released by thirdy parties ( marketing agencies, audience measurement agencies…) which consent during its validity term to collect information from the computers visiting our website.
By proceeding the navingation on this website it is mutually accepted the will to use the products and services offered and it is then agreed the use of cookies and other technologies necessary to visualize them

It is possible to cancel the registered cookies any time by accede to the control panel of your browser.

4- Remember you can manage your preferences about cookies with your browser

If you use Internet Explorer
On Internet Explorer, clic on “Instruments” and select “ Internet Options”. On the “Privacy” schedule, move the cursor to the top to block all the cookies, or on the bottom to accept all the cookies, then click on OK.

If you use Firefox
Choose “Instruments” from the menu and select “Options”. Click on the “Privacy” schedule. On the list “Preservation laws” selected the desired level. Check the box “ Accept cookies” to activate cookies, or remove the check to deactivate them. Choose for how many time the cookies can be preserved.

If you use Safari
Click on the Safari menu, select the menu “Modify” and select “Preferences”. Clic on “Privacy”. Position the setting “Cookies block” and clic OK.

If you use Google Chrome
Clic on the menu “Chrome” on the task bar of the instruments of the browser. Select “Settings”. Clic on “Show advanced settings”. On the section “ Privacy” clic on “Contents settings”. On the section “Cookies”, select “ Prevent any website from saving your data” then click OK.

If you use another browser or do not know which version of the browser you are using, clic “Help” on the browser window on the top, from here you can access to all the necessary information.

Based on the 15-22 GDPR regulation, the consumer has the right to require , by writing to the owner of this website, the access to his presonal data, the modification to cancellation of the same or even the simple limitation of their processing (anonymous) or ask for a claim to the Autotìrithies for the Protection of Personal Data, if he consider his data have been violate.


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