Design chandeliers
Design chandeliers
Design chandeliers

Modern design suspension ceiling lights for kitchen, living room, bedroom and others.

Pataviumart’s suspension ceiling lights of modern design give a unique touch of made in Italy, artisan luxury to your kitchen, living room, bedroom and preferred living areas. Contact us for your customized project.

The design chandeliers, all made by hand by Pataviumart, are much more than products of modern lighting; they are artworks, 100% made in Italy, which can make your home unique and admired.

These masterpieces are a focal point of your house or your place of work, capable alone to change the atmosphere, and influence not just the esthetic aspect but also the emotions and sensations of those who daily live in these spaces.

Our designer Simonetta Gomiero is particularly expert in producing and interpreting in an efficient, artistic way the desires and expectations of her clients in order to project their exclusive modern design chandeliers and ceiling lamps that create, from the ceiling, inimitable points of light of rare beauty.

Your kitchen, living room, bedroom… luxury modern lighting by Pataviumart will know how to give elegance and refinement to your most important rooms, exalting the character of your furnishings and reflecting your unique style.

Modern, designer chandelier: harmony and pleasing contrast to your luxury furnishing.

A design chandelier is an element which has become more and more a protagonist in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and other rooms you care for.

Modern design chandeliers often capture the attention even when turned off, but when they are on attention become authentic admiration for these contemporary bright masterpieces.

We wish to emphasize that a modern crystal chandelier can adapt well to both modern and vintage styles.
In the latter case there can be an incredible result: the contrast of a modern crystal chandelier and vintage furnishings can end in a pleasing finish all together.

Modern, designer chandelier: some types of lighting.

Among the different kinds of modern design chandeliers, one of the most requested is the suspension chandelier.

Through these exclusive decorations we can obtain a design lighting of direct light, or also suffused if one wants to create the “lounge” atmosphere for special occasions with friends and loved ones.

The profound knowledge of “luxury furnishings” of Simonetta Gomiero, united with her natural capacity to understand and reproduce faithfully your expectations in a project of modern design lighting which will guarantee that your home is distinguished by decorative and artistic lighting that will generate admiration from all who see it.


Design chandeliers: Pataviumart’s philosophy.

Art is beauty, revelation, research of the ego, of truth but also the sublime; it’s an interior reflection.

Design signifies form, line, interaction with the environment, functionality. Art, design and colours are born from emotions, from sensations that reflect together.

They reflect the personality, style and lifestyle. They are part of daily life, reality, visibility but they are always fluctuating, a complex and intriguing mental exercise, pure sentiment and amusement.