Classic Italian chandeliers
Classic Italian chandeliers
Classic Italian chandeliers

Classic, luxury chandeliers, handmade in Italy, for hall, foyer, kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom and others.

The refined luxury chandeliers by Pataviumart give a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your living room, foyer, kitchen, bedroom, sitting room, bathroom, and all your favourite rooms. Contact us right now for a customized project.

Classic chandeliers, entirely handmade by Pataviumart have the ability to give an artistic form to light and manage to attract attention in the evening when they are switched on, and also during the day when they are turned off.

Lighting is design!

Lighting is essential in your furnishing: it’s important to create an ideal location where living, fully in harmony with your taste and style.

High end chandeliers for foyer, living room, kitchen, bedroom, sitting room, bathroom, spa.. whatever space you need to decorate, Pataviumart creates all types of lighting for your house or office, completely Made in Italy, with which you can be distinguished for elegance and uncomparable excellence!


Luxury classic chandeliers: in Murano glass, in bronze, in crystal, in iron, in brass or in porcelain.

Among the materials we use to create classic chandeliers, their shapes and their number of lights… the choice of the most suitable model for you is really wide: you can choose a classic chandelier with only one light or one with many arms and multi-lights, from varnished metal to decoration with porcelain or even a gold leaf chandelier combined with ancient-looking glass.

Those who love “Vintage” style can find a great choice, with many lights, available with multi-level design, evoking the style of once upon a time, very appreciated also today.

Talking about the differences between contemporary and classic design such as Baroque style, classic chandeliers are easily installed even in a modern surroundings with possibilities of personalizing many accessories like crystal pendants and lampshades, as it were a meeting of different eras happening in your place of which you and your guests are protagonists and witnesses.


Classic and Antique chandeliers: a touch of luxury in your home.

Between various type of suspension lighting the classic chandeliers represents one of the most prestigious solutions: it can easily be identified as a symbol of an exclusive residence.

In our imagination we think of scenes of receiving people at court, banquets as in fairy tales with which we have grown up.

Murano glass, crystal, brass, porcelain, forged iron… these are just a part of the materials which can be transformed by Pataviumart into reality for you!

Classic and antique chandeliers are a joy for the eyes but also a symbol of luxury adding style and exclusivity to your home.



Antique classic chandeliers: a touch of luxury to your home.

One of the classic and antique chandeliers aspects regards the effect created by drops of lights projected on the ceiling and walls, a spectacular view for your eyes.

This luminous explosion is created by the refraction of light depending on the materials used: Murano glass, crystals, forged iron, gold bronze… forming a very pleasing effect of light.

From this point of view, we can say that, apart from the obvious replacement of candles with modern light bulbs, the classic chandeliers, completely hand made by Pataviumart, still retain, like centuries ago, the original charm of ancient times.

A touch of modernity however is allowed today  by the possibility of installing more light sources (which can be halogen, Led, traditional…) that can be controlled by different switches, allowing to change the intensity and effect of the light, thus adapting it to your preferences or at different times of the day.


Classic antique chandeliers: history of origins.

The antique chandelier was born as a simple instrument to illuminate home, but through the centuries it became more and more a decorative object and continue its development until it became a real masterpiece.

Its evolution was multidirectional so candles left space to oil and electricity, and the structures holding the sources of light changed their forms and materials.

As time goes by people started to consider the antique chandelier as a decorative element able to represent their social status, and for this reason, starting from Roman age, the aristocratic patrician families used to flaunt it with pride.

Centuries pass, styles change, but the desire to be surrounded of beauty and exclusivity remain very important; as Gothic art affirm, new materials are taken in consideration, as much the traditional iron, brass and bronze.

Classic chandeliers started to expand with richer and more complex design: arms of light positioned in one level, superimposition on different levels of various objects, decoration as flowers or gold and silver foils, developed on vertical structures which were becoming more and more impressive.

Another important impulse to the development of the suspension lamps arrived during the Renaissance, an historic period when material and shapes was forged as simple or decorated cups, supported by accessories in silver or bronze, extended in vertical side.

After this period arrived another one from which a certain type of chandelier take its name still today: the Baroque chandelier.

The change in this precious object was deep: the parts created with metal along the centuries, became porcelain, natural stones, and most of all glass, emphasizing the unique skill of the master artisans of Murano (even without forgetting the use of iron which remained important on the production of chandeliers).

The turning point arrived of course with the arrival of the electricity , when at the end of the XIX century, the chandelier could spread rapidly even in houses of the less wealthy social classes.