Luxury chandeliers
Luxury chandeliers
Luxury chandeliers

Luxury, design chandeliers, decorative, artistic, elegant and artisan made, 100% Italian.

Pataviumart’s luxury chandeliers, artisan made, decorative, artistic and made in Italy sign the most elegant and exclusive ambiences in more than 50 countries around the world. Contact us now for your tailored chandelier, fully customized.

Pataviumart is an historical Company that for 60 years has been creating luxury chandeliers for exclusive residences for clients who want to distinguish themselves with a real unique style.

Bringing life to one of our handmade chandelier means creating a decorative lighting, certified, numbered that becomes more precious over time and will make your home unique.

When you choose to project a handmade chandelier directly with us, in truth you are not only buying a precious, decorative object, but also a knowledgeable piece of history and workmanship from the most capable Veneto and Venetians artists, who preserve and pass on over the centuries the secrets of a noble tradition.

Which tradition?

Transforming a ceiling in an artwork! An artwork you, your family and your friends will find hard to look away.

This is why Pataviumart productions are much more than only elegant and extremely refined chandeliers.

Noble materials like Murano glass, crystals, natural stones, pure silks, resins…. are still today modelled using the same techniques from hundreds of years ago to create artistic lighting that are utterly unique!


As for every respected brand, the style and design of Pataviumart are
recognizable and distinguishable on the market.

At the same time, we manage to create studied forms of light, designed and created especially for each single customer, this is how we can satisfy our clientele in all the smallest and most precious details.

Those details are making the difference and are satisfying the most original and demanding requests.

In particular, we produce luxury chandeliers of every dimensions and we are specialized in the creation of huge chandeliers, almost of gigantic proportions!

And above all, we use every colour in the world…to create with our hands refined chandeliers unique in the world! Unique like your style!

For all these reasons, if you don’t want a real masterpiece, made to measure, customized and exclusively for you, then Pataviumart can’t be your partner.
Feel free to contact other lighting providers who will certainly give you what you are looking for.

But if instead, like us, you adore Italian exclusive design and uniqueness, pieces of art that renew their value as time goes by, then contact us: we will be glad to share with you any information you may require.
With maximum serenity for you, we will evaluate together your requests and needs, to understand how to materialize your dreams and desires.

This first dialogue can take place by telephone, by skype or in person, if you have the chance to come and visit us in our showroom of Villa Wollemborg, situated in Veneto region, between the cities of Venice and Padova.

You will have the chance to touch Pataviumart world of luxury lighting, within the historical context of our Venetian Villa of the XV Century.

We are sure it will be an emotional experience, pleasant to remember with your friends and family.

But how we create the artistic handmade chandeliers you can find in more than 50 Countries in the world?
Sumptous villas, luxury hotels, offices of important banks, prestigious showrooms, rich residences, fashionable restaurant… here is how we help from more than 60 years architects, private people, interior designers, to make unique and customized their projects, thanks to Pataviumart artistic lighting.

How to make a luxury artisan chandelier completely hand made: the principal stages.


The inspiration:

Simonetta Gomiero, our residential and commercial lighting consultant, designs and makes all the
collections of luxury chandeliers of Pataviumart, obtaining her inspiration from perfumes, images and stories which particularly touch her.
Venice, fantastically romantic and poetic, is a city with which the designer is especially linked to, for its glorious history, its artistic riches and for its flourishing cultural excitement.

Walking through the fairy tale streets and in love with the beauty of the city, often Simonetta captures moments and emotions she can re-propose in her handmade Pataviumart chandeliers.

The design:

From the inspiration, the next phase if when the ideas become a drawing. A first sketch of how the chandelier will look like…. And so, the handmade Pataviumart chandeliers start to take form in their various details, realized by our skilled artisan masters, working the raw materials using antique techniques, passed from one generation to the next through the centuries, since from the Republic of Venice was synonymous of power, elegance, refinement, dominating the commerce worldwide.



The step after the design, is to create a prototype in our laboratory.
Our designer, Simonetta Gomiero, based on the design, gives precise instructions to follow.

Each stage of the work is essential for a perfect success of an artwork and for this reason, Simonetta follows through each phase of production to assure a perfect success, step after step, of the realization of Pataviumart artistic chandelier, in all its details.


The metal structures are all produced by hand.

The metal tube from which the classical chandelier is created is bent.

After this step, all other details are added using only the oxyhydrogen flame.



Once the metal is cleaned, colour is applied.

It’s a varnish available in various colours and types.

N.B. In the case of lamps with foil application, it is in this moment that gold or silver foils are applied to the metal.


At this point the Murano glass is produced ably by the master glass blowers of Murano island in Venice.

Murano glass production boasts very ancient roots: the first documents relative to the noble Venetian art of glass making goes back to 982 A.C.

This is why buying a Pataviumart Murano glass chandelier doesn’t mean only to buy a precious object of art to decorate your home, elegant and refined, but also you are caring for an authentic artwork which will become more precious as time goes by, and it is synonymous of centuries of culture and artistic traditions which are incomparable in the world.



Our tailors produce our lampshades with skill and craftsmanship, using only fabrics of the highest quality.

Hands are the only instruments we use to create these sartorial masterpieces, an expression of high-quality handmade production which is less and less widespread, but for us it is an essential point of the creation of Pataviumart luxury chandeliers.


Now all the materials are ready to be assembled together: the products take on life and form as true works of art.

At this point the electrical wiring is installed.

Now the artisan made Pataviumart chandelier is almost finished, there is just one more process…



We are almost there… now all our creations, rigorously handmade, are tested with electronic and quality controls before being accurately packed for dispatch.

And finally, at this point, Pataviumart luxury lightings are ready to enter into the houses and the spaces that wish to be distinguished for their elegance, class, refinement, and exclusivity, as occurs already in over 50 Countries in the world.

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